Write your own project proposal

  • Do you have an idea, but you do not know how to prepare your research project?
  • You do not have an idea, but you want to try yourself in scientific activity and prepare your own project?
  • Do you have no experience in science projects and in high technologies of visualization of living objects?

Write to us, we have technologies and ideas that we are happy to share with you, and you will learn how to write your own science project proposal and you will get your first experience in the commercialization of research.

We have a successful experience in preparing from scratch the youth projects of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the competition "Conducting research by scientific groups under the guidance of young scientists" of the Presidential Program of research projects implemented by leading scientists, including young scientists.

Our successful youth projects:

  • 21-75-10088 "Digital technologies for studying the lymphatic system of the brain and its membranes: interactive 3D atlas"
  • 18-75-10033 "New methods of studying and controlling the processes of brain cleansing: the role of meningeal lymphatics in the development of Alzheimer's disease"
  • 17-75-20069 "Development of pioneering technologies of intravital imaging of brain lymphatic system and understanding its role in glioblastoma progression "