Virtual Workshop

3D Brain Anatomy on Cell Phones

Dear friends! A 3D brain anatomy for cell phones is at your service! A program has been developed to allow you to immerse effortlessly in the magical world of the central nervous system right on your cell phones. Just download the application and point the screen of your cell phone at the model of the brain and you will see the cerebellum, the middle brain, the cerebellum, and the limbic system, which can be studied in 3D visualization with the subsequent testing of progress.

Virtual Workshop on Human and Animal Physiology

Dear friends! The virtual workshop on human and animal physiology has been designed to master the physiological processes of the body and master the skills of a virtual experiment.

Download virtual workshop.

The program is designed to conduct an unlimited number of virtual studies in physiology, draw up protocols and obtain conclusions in 8 sections:

Virtual Physiology Program
Dear friends! The Virtual Physiology program is a virtual model with multimedia elements that is as close to reality as possible. They are designed to study the physiological processes of the human and animal organisms in a virtual laboratory. The proposed simulators imitate classical experiments in physiology and allow you to conduct experiments in a virtual laboratory aimed at deepening your knowledge.