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The distance from Saratov to International Airport “Gagarin” is 45 km. The international air hub is located near Saburovka village. You can get there both by public transport and by private car. It is always possible to call a taxi or order a transfer.

Trains leave from Saratov Railway Station, buses leave from Saratov Bus Station which is situated just opposite the railway station.

Travel time: by train - 1 hour 15 minutes, by bus - 1 hour 20-40 minutes, by car - 50 minutes.

For the schedule and routes of public transport and alternative means of transportation see below.

Getting by Train

The railway station International Airport “Gagarin", through which several suburban trains pass, is 300 meters from the passenger terminal.

You can get to Saratov International Airport “Gagarin” by electric trains: No. 6303 Karamysh - Tarkhany, No. 6475 Anisovka - Tarkhany, No. 6165 Saratov-1-Pass. - Sennaya - Balakovo (agreed trains), No. 6325 Karamysh - Tarkhany.

The electric trains depart from Saratov-1 Passazhirskiy railway station daily, in the morning and in the evening. During the day you can get to the airport by car or by bus. There are also four electric trains running in the opposite direction - from International Airport “Gagarin” to Saratov - in the morning and in the evening.

Travel time is between 55 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes, depending on the time of the flight.

In 2021 a train ticket from Saratov 1- Passazhirskiy to Saratov International Airport “Gagarin” costs 95 rubles. You can buy a ticket immediately before boarding or using the Russian Railways for Passengers mobile app «РЖД Пассажирам» (RZD for Passengers mobile app). The application is available in the AppStore (for smartphones based on iOS). To board a train, you will need the passport the details of which were indicated for issuing a ticket. You do not need to print a ticket - just show the QR-code on the screen of your mobile device.

The direction is served by AO “Saratovskaya Prigorodnaya Passazhirskaya Kompaniya”(Saratov Suburban Passenger Company). You can find the current schedule for the chosen direction, changes in the schedule and tariffs on its official website

Train schedule Saratov - Airport "Gagarin" 2021

See the scoreboard from Yandex below.

Getting by Bus

Ground public transport runs to the new air hub from Saratov, Balakovo, Volsk, and Engels.

Bus number 101E.. The bus departs from Saratov Bus Station, which is located just opposite the railway station, and goes through Dubki directly to the passenger terminal.

Depending on traffic density travel time is about 1 hour 20 minutes, minimum travel time is 1 hour.


From Saratov Bus Station to the Airport  06:00, 07:00, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00.

From Saratov International Airport “Gagarin” to Saratov Bus Station: 07:45, 08:45, 09:45, 10:45, 11:45, 12:45, 13:45, 14:45, 15:45, 16:45, 17:45, 18:45, 19:45, 20:45, 21:45, 22:45.

The ticket costs — 80 rubles.

Minibus No. 300. Departures from Saratov River Station several times a day (07:30 and 17:30), travels through Dubki and arrives at a stop near the passenger terminal. Travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Departures from the airport to the city are at 10:15 and 20:15.

The fare is — 145 rubles.

You can track the buses to the Airport “Gagarin” in real time on Saratov public transport portal

Bus number 605.. This is an intercity bus from Balakovo via Volsk to the Airport “Gagarin”. Departure from Balakovo Bus Station at 05:30, 07:00, 08:30, 09:30, 10:25, 13:00, 15:00. After 40 minutes the bus arrives at Volsk.

A ticket from Balakovo (distance to the airport 150 km) costs 450 rubles, from Volsk (distance 120 km) — 350 rubles.

Bus number 444. Departures from the stop "Engels - Yarmarka" (ticket office) at 09:30, 13:30, 17:30 and in 1 hour 30 minutes the bus arrives at the passenger terminal. The distance is 54 km.

For more details and the current bus schedule, please visit a special section of the website of the Ministry of Transport and Roads of Saratov Region

Getting by taxi to Saratov International Airport «Gagarin»

A more comfortable and convenient means of transport is taxi. There are about a dozen taxi companies operating in the city, whose contacts are easy to find on the net. Prices are more or less the same everywhere.

It will take you around 40-60 minutes to get to the airport by taxi, depending on where you pick up.

Popular services of online taxi providers through mobile applications are presented in Saratov: Yandex. Taxi, Uber, Lucky, Citymobil. To order a taxi to the Airport “Gagarin” via these srevices, you have to install a mobile application on the smartphone.

It costs approximately 900 rubles to get from the center of Saratov to the Airport “Gagarin” by taxi.

При желании можно заказать индивидуальный или групповой трансфер — за сутки или более до поездки. Оформление заявки осуществляется онлайн. Несомненный плюс в том, что стоимость известна заранее и не изменится, а машина будет подана точно в указанное время. Доступные направления от KiwiTaxi:


Order an individual or group transfer. You should order a transfer a day or more before the trip. Registration of the application is provided online. A definite plus is that the cost of transfer is known in advance and will not change, and the car will arrive at the appointed time. Available directions from KiwiTaxi are:

Getting from Saratov to the Airport “Gagarin” by car

Having your own car gives you a certain freedom in terms of moving around the city and beyond. Distance from Saratov to Gagarin airport by car is 45 km along Ust-Kurdyumskaya street, SKAD and the Southern approach to the airport. Another route is 50 km along Prospect Stroiteley, Volsky trakt, P-228 highway and Northern approach.

Travel time is around 50 minutes depending on traffic.

Several parking spaces have been organized at the airport There is an area for embarking / disembarking passengers directly in front of the terminal (waiting time up to 15 minutes is free of charge, 16-60 minutes is 500 rubles).

There are car parks P1 and P2 (both for 202 cars) within a 2-minute walk from the terminal. Parking is 200 rubles for up to 60 minutes, 300 rubles for up to 2 hours, etc.

Long term parking P3 is 4 minutes walk from the terminal. Prices: up to 1 day is 500 rubles, up to 2 days is 1,000 rubles, etc. Learn more on the airport website.

Rent a Car

If you choose to rent a car for more information go to